1. The Union shall have a Board of Directors which shall consist of a President and a Secretary (the “Directors”).


2. Election of Directors shall take place at an AGM of the Union. Election of new "Directors elect" shall be at the AGM in the year preceding the WBC and there will be

one year overlap of the outgoing Directors and the Directors elect. New Directors will take over Directors responsibilities after the WBC AGM.


3. The term of office for the President and the Secretary shall be (four) 4 years, being the period between successive WBC. The Board of Directors may serve a maximum of two terms.


4. The Directors will be non-voting members of the Union, except in the case where there is a tied vote in which case the President can exercise the casting vote.


5. Expenses incurred by the Directors in the furtherance of their duties shall be borne by the Directors. Reasonable costs of the AGM (venue and lunch) should be borne by the host Member.