Canadian Biomaterials Society / Société Canadienne des Biomatériaux (CBS/SCB)

The Canadian Biomaterials Society (CBS) is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development of biomaterials science, technology, and education in Canadian universities, industry, and government. CBS was established in 1973 and has a long-standing dedication to undergraduate and graduate biomaterials education.


Together with the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, China and Korea, CBS is a member of the international community of biomaterials societies as represented by the International Union of Societies of Biomaterials Science and Engineering (IUS-BSE). A World Biomaterials Congress is held every four years, the next in Glasgow, Scotland in 2020.


The society hosts a national scientific conference each year (except in years in which a World Congress is held).


Each year, the society provides travel awards to students who demonstrate excellence in their field. This applies to the World Congress, the Canadian conferences, and on occasion the American Society for Biomaterials annual meetings.  Awards are also provided for conference presentations and a visiting scholarship enabling travel between Canadian biomaterials labs.


Like Canada itself, the CBS is officially bilingual. Abstract submissions and presentations at the annual conference may be made in either English or French.


Prof Brian Amsden


Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Queen's University

Kingston, Ontario




Prof Gaétan Laroche


Pavillon Adrien-Pouliot


Avenue de la Médecine

Local 1718D

Université Laval





Nima Khadem Mohtaram,


Ph.D., ISW

Biomedical Engineering Program

Department of Systems Design Engineering

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada



Ass. Prof. Kathryn Grandfield


Materials Science and Engineering,

McMaster University, Ontario, Canada