2019 Chinese Biomaterials Congress and International Symposium on Advanced Biomaterials held in Dalian, China

 2019-9-3    IUSBSE

The 2019 Chinese Biomaterials Congress, organized by the Chinese Society for Biomaterials and hosted by the Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital of Dalian University, will be held from August 22-25 in Dalian, China. The Chinese Biomaterials Congress is held every other year. It is the biggest national biomaterials meeting in the world. The last congress in 2017 in Nanchang, China attracted over 2500 attendees from academia, industry, clinical research institutes and governmental agencies. The 2019 congress will have over 30 symposia, general sessions, workshops and forums, including the “5th China-US Joint Forum on Regulation, Standards and Innovation of Biomaterials”organized by the Chinese Society for Biomaterials and the US Society for Biomaterials. The official languages of the congress are Chinese and English, and some English sessions will be organized during the congress.

In the wave of the Third Industrial Revolution, the contemporary biomaterials science and industry is experiencing a revolutionary change. While China is launching the 13th five-year plan (2016-2020) for economic and social development, the Chinese biomaterials field is entering a new development phase. In the new circumstances, it is necessary to further discuss the challenges and opportunities brought to the biomaterials science and industry by the Third Industrial Revolution and progress made in modern medicine, and to probe into the development direction and frontier of the biomaterials science and industry, especially the clinical applications and technology transfer of research results. With “Convergence of Biomaterials and Medicine” as the theme, this congress focuses on the latest developments, research hotspots, and future development highlights of biomaterials, and will promote the development of biomaterials science and industry through brainstorming and collaboration.

The research and development of biomaterials benefits humankind, and international cooperation has become more important in this field.  The“5th China-US Joint Forum on Regulation, Standards and Innovation of Biomaterials”will be held during the congress. With The forum topics cover the standards, regulation, innovation, technical transfer, market access, customer service of biomaterials and medical devices, and the goals are to promote the international business collaboration in the biomaterials field, and to create favorable opportunities for products and companies to enter the market of partner country.

Chinese Biomaterials Congress is the congress for the whole Chinese biomaterials community, as well as an important event for the international biomaterials field.