Biomedical Glasses

 2019-11-22    IUSBSE

Biomedical Glasses is an international Open Access-only journal covering the field of glasses for biomedical applications. The aim of the journal is to provide a peer-reviewed forum for the publication of original research reports and authoritative review articles related to the development of biomedical glasses and their use in clinical applications. The scope of the journal covers the science and technology of glasses and glass-based materials intended for applications in medicine and dentistry. It includes:


    Chemistry, physics, structure, design and characterization of biomedical glasses

Surface science and interactions of biomedical glasses with aqueous and biological


    Modeling structure and reactivity of biomedical glasses and their interfaces

    Biocompatibility of biomedical glasses

    Processing of biomedical glasses to achieve specific forms and functionality

    Biomedical glass coatings and composites

    In vitro and in vivo evaluation of biomedical glasses

    Glasses and glass-ceramics in engineered regeneration of tissues and organs

    Glass-based devices for medical and dental applications

    Application of glasses and glass-ceramics in healthcare